Villa Laren

As an architect in Laren, André de Vos is the mind behind numerous villas there. Some people think the architecture there is starting to look increasingly uniform. We see it as our task to create something uncommon, something utterly extraordinary. As architects in Laren, we are able to make your dream a reality through our endless well of creativity and ability to navigate the tricky waters of building approvals.

3D interior advice
‘There are a lot of typical “Gooische” homes which look a bit like each other. We think the thatched-roof, stuccoed-wall style is attractive, but we want something different. We want a home that spills over into a park-like garden where we can enjoy a swimming pool and lovely dining area under the veranda. Interior architect André de Vos has created the design for us and thanks to the 3D visualisation, we have a solid idea of what it is going to look like. The approval has been requested and we are now working on the detailed plans.’

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