Villa Blaricum

A home flooded with light–transparent, exciting and tastefully done. An imposing thatched-roof residence naturally in keeping with its surroundings, thanks to its classic “Gooische” country manor design. It is as if time has stood still. But do not be misled: behind the front door lies a completely different world. The contrast between the exterior and interior is as great as it is surprising. The entry hall is the first impressive statement which distinguishes the villa from all other homes in the Gooi region. The hall’s most important feature is its partial glass bridging, which visually connects the front and the back of the residence. Two oak staircases stretch upwards on both sides of this otherwise pristine white space, giving access to the upper reaches of the home via the hall. A black steel-framed glass door granting access to the dining room, which lies at the heart of this boomerang-shaped home. This particular form was chosen to maximise both the available natural light as well as the stunning views from the home. The cooking island with sink in the kitchen is an ingenious piece of interior architecture. All the spaces on the ground floor are seamlessly connected and only separated by functional, free-standing partition walls. The residents wanted a light and airy home with a bit of the unexpected and in harmony with its surrounding landscaping and nature, but especially a home where they could feel at home. Mission accomplished!

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