New Build Villa in Blaricum

‘We were looking for an architect in Blaricum because we had purchased a piece of land there and wanted to build our dream house on it. We spoke with a number of architects who build homes in Laren and Blaricum and had already had drawings for the exterior drawn up by another architect, but little was left of them for various reasons. In the end we decided to have everything done by one architectural firm, leaving it to the architects and interior stylists at Kabaz. They had extensive experience in building houses in Blaricum and we felt extremely confident in choosing them.
Impeccable finishing of interior and exterior
Bertram Beerbaum, Hedi and André designed our home from the inside out. The interior had to be as impeccable as the exterior–that was an absolute must for us. They thought of literally everything. Of course, we gave our input on the colour combinations and furniture, but in the end we handed everything over to Kabaz and did not lose a wink of sleep over it. It just felt so right!’
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