Kabaz & Kuster

Kabaz Architects

It is not hard to guess what these two men have in common: their passion for design, interior design, architecture and their work. Kabaz and Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury, two companies elegantly carving a niche for themselves in the exclusive world of high-end living. They had been keeping an eye on one another for some time and had cautiously begun forging a relationship, step-by-step. That is, until it became obvious that they needed one another and could build on one another’s strengths. A brief flirtation with collaboration led to their now-close alliance, from which an impressive, unexpected new style has sprung forth. In the inspiration atelier in Laren, people can fire their imaginations for their building or renovation plans and get inspired by brilliant lighting, lavish new textiles, sumptuous furniture, transformational window treatments, a custom-made bookshelf or an impressive fireplace. Experience what could be in store for your home.

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