At the drawing table

Our creative process always begins at the drawing table. It might seem a bit old-fashioned, but we are convinced that we can give our thoughts shape with a pencil, ruler and drawing paper faster than on a computer screen. Of course, our architects and interior designers keep up with the times and also make use of programmes such as Arkey, Autocad and Vectorworks for the more elaborate, detailed work. We also work with various 3D animation and rendering programmes, the choice of which depends on the desired quality.

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3D Visualisation Services

A 3D visualisation is a visual image of the definitive architectural or interior design. There are a number of 3D image types available: a visualisation can be made of a (free) hand drawing or you can choose to have a beautiful 3D photograph. 3D offers a life-like display of the interior design or the architecture of your residence or property. It gives you something more tangible so you can better imagine your future creation.

Technical Drawings

Once you have decided on a definitive design, one which suits you perfectly. We translate it into a technical drawing. Here, we work the entire project out in minute detail in order to prevent any unpleasant surprises during the building phase. Our architects describe the materials, colours and process in very precise specifications which make it possible for the contracting parties to carry out their work to exacting standards.

Bespoke Furnishings

Once the foundation of your interior design has been laid, so to speak, it is time for the details. What colours do you like? What materials and furniture style(s) do you love? After we have sorted this out, we can set to creating detailed designs for you which the furniture maker can work with.

Electrical Plan

Once you are clear on the use of the space, it is time to design a wiring and lighting plan, or electrical plan. These are drawings which indicate, by means of symbols, exactly where the outlets, switches and lights must be placed.

Architectural Design

What will your property look like? What are your options? Where will you place the windows? Where is the entrance and where is your garage? The architectural design of your residence or property gives you a full idea of its exterior. Our architects fine-tune it your wishes while bearing in mind all regulations and the necessary approvals.

Interior Design & Spatial Analysis

To show you your full range of interior design options from the very beginning, we do a spatial analysis or massing study. With a brainstorm as our starting point, we explore the possibilities together. Should your kitchen face the street or would you prefer it to be located at the back of your home? Do you want a large dining table? Where do you most like to sit in the morning?

Brainstorm with interior architects
Based on the brainstorm, we sketch a number of options in which we also take into account things such as traffic paths, natural light and, of course, your wishes. From there, we make choices and refine the drawings until we have reached precisely the design you desire.

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