The art of building


Architecture is the art of building. That is something most everyone would agree on. Yet architecture is much more than that, it is also how you experience a space, for example. Architecture is the shaping, the moulding, the crafting of space. If you have at least two walls, you have a space. The task of the architect is to give this space a form that one feels good in. Factors which play a distinct and critical role herein include acoustics, dimensions, the angle of light, colour, temperature and humidity.

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Interior Advice

Tranquillity and harmony, complimentary colours, stylish accessories: our highly-qualified interior designers and stylists are happy to provide you with expert interior design advice. We are able to suggest materials, a colour palette or even a completely new look. Leave it to our interior experts at Kabaz and get ready to be amazed.

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Our creative process always begins at the drawing table. It might seem a bit old-fashioned, but we are convinced that we can give our thoughts shape with a pencil, ruler and drawing paper faster than on a computer screen. Of course, our architects and interior designers keep up with the times and also make use of programmes such as Arkey, Autocad and Vectorworks for the more elaborate, detailed work. We also work with various 3D animation and rendering programmes, the choice of which depends on the desired quality.

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Construction Management

Good preparation and professional management of a new build or renovation makes all the difference. We excel in construction management. We have years of experience, a team of first-rate specialists and reliable selected partners whom we can always count on. You have a single point of contact at Kabaz: your construction manager. Ours are there to make sure that everything goes exactly according to plan and is done to precisely your specifications and standards.

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Whether redeveloping an existing piece of real estate, renovating, doing a new build or redesigning an office, shop, hotel, restaurant or cafe, the starting point of our architects and interior architects is the integration of your professional identity in the finished space. The balance of design and functionality are determined beforehand, just as the budget and planning are. That way, the only surprise will be a finished project which takes your breath away.

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