Designed by Bertram Beerbaum ®

Enjoy design

While Bertram Beerbaum and André de Vos are the face of Kabaz, Bertram’s love for all things design has not gone unnoticed outside his circle of clients. He is nationally renowned as an expert, a presenter and a jury member of several television programmes. An increasing number of manufacturers have asked Bertram to develop products for a broader market than just the exclusive interiors created by his architectural firm in the Gooi region. He prefers to call Kabaz’s studio his laboratory. There, he works with his team on exclusive, one-of-a-kind and fiercely creative total concepts for individual clients. Translating these efforts into product designs in collaboration with suppliers is a logical step, but requires another vision on design for scalability reasons. Visit the brand website, BERTRAM BEERBAUM ®, to learn more about this vision and the products produced under Bertram’s name.